Saturday, September 19, 2015

More Arts Farts

I’ve written in the past about my family’s artistic abilities. I’m continually impressed by what my children can do with a pen and a paper or some crayons. Creegan in particular often wows me. He spends a good portion of each day drawing—guns, cars, etc. As a four-year-old, he draws nearly as well as I can, although he’s much faster about it.

About a week ago (maybe a little more), Eddie asked me one night what he should draw. I said, “Draw a city being attacked by alien spaceships.” I don’t know what I expected, but he came back with something much cooler than I had expected. Here’s his drawing:

On Monday, Eddie asked me again what he should draw. I said, “Draw a guy with a machine gun swinging from a vine attached to a tree.” He came back with the following picture, which includes a row of deadly saws at the bottom:

On the reverse side of the paper, Eddie had drawn the following apocalyptic scene:

In case it isn’t obvious, that long-bearded perplexed man standing on a cloud in the upper-left corner of the drawing is Jesus. He’s a bit baffled by all the fighting and chaos happening around him.

Creegan was inspired by Eddie’s drawing of the guy swinging from a vine above a deadly row of saws and drew his own version. It’s not bad:

The following picture was not drawn by Creegan, but he did indeed color it. In my opinion, it’s amazing work for a four-year-old.

Heaven knows they didn’t get their skills from me!

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