Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An Artsy Fartsy Family

I like to think I’ve got a creative family. My kids are much better artists than I am, age difference notwithstanding. I’m especially surprised by Creegan, who has obviously benefited from having older brothers who spend a lot of time writing and drawing. Creegan can draw quite decently for being a 3-year-old, including writing letters. He’s known most of the letters for months now, and he was telling me the numbers on the classroom doors at church the other day (including numbers 10 and 11). Anyway, I thought I’d take this time to show off a little bit of artistry from my family.

I’ll begin back in March. Eddie, Peter, and Creegan went to a pottery/glass store, chose some objects, and painted them. They were then baked (or whatever it is), sealing in my kids’ coloring and making the objects nice and shiny. Eddie made a little mug, Peter chose a light switch plate, and Creegan decorated a little ceramic truck (to nobody’s surprise). Here are their creations:

A closer look at Peter's light switch plate.

Being in traditional school, Edison has had more artistic opportunities than the rest of us. His class recently learned about Andy Warhol and made self-portraits inspired by Warhol’s work. Eddie also had the opportunity to decorate a cake for Mother’s Day. Below are photos of these creations. I assume I don’t need to explain which is which.

(Speaking of creativity, I should note that Melanie is co-creator of those two delightful boys beside her.)

Another somewhat creative endeavor took place just last week, when we tried a new-ish burger place in Tallahassee. After hearing some good things about it, we decided to try BurgerFi. It was good, but way more expensive than I anticipated. Anyway, BurgerFi has some creative offerings, and the kids enjoyed getting ice cream sundaes and expressing their creativity by choosing which toppings would be included. As you can imagine, that ended up being just about every candy topping that was available. (BurgerFi was out of Gummy Bears—thank goodness.) Here are some photos that capture the mutual creativity of BurgerFi and my three blessed children:

In the foreground are BurgerFi's creative "urban fries," which are topped with Parmesan and herbs as well as a drizzle of garlic aioli.

Notice Melanie's burger?  It includes maple syrup-drizzled bacon, hash browns, and a fried egg.  Isn't that special?

I’d hate to leave myself out of the mix, so here are some drawings I have done. The first is from a few months ago, drawn on a napkin after dinner.  (I should mention that the two images on the napkin have nothing to do with each other.)  The next drawing was inspired by Eddie telling me that it wouldn’t be good for someone who really needs to pee to hear the song “Let it Go” from Frozen. This particular drawing was amended by Eddie and Peter. Peter drew the word bubble that says “I need to pee,” and Edison added the word bubble with the hard-to-decipher “Oh, I should have never said that.”

What a gas, eh?

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