Thursday, May 06, 2010

Fit for a King

The week continues to be a productive one in terms of home improvements. Since my last post, I have built two more bookshelves (another three-shelf bookshelf and a five-shelf bookshelf), both of which turned out looking as they should. Then, yesterday, Melanie and I went out and bought all of this:

Nearly everything you see in that picture is brand new. The pillow inside the pillowcase on the left side of the bed (i.e. the right side of the picture) is not new, which explains why it’s a little more crumpled looking. There is also a turquoise body pillow barely poking up in the very back that is not entirely new, though it’s only a couple of weeks old. The filing cabinet just to the right of the bed (i.e. the left side of the picture) and the things thereon are not new. Neither is the carpet or the wall, or the paint on the wall. But other than that, everything is new—all of the bedding, the unseen bed frame, the unseen box springs, and the king-size mattress.

Last night’s sleep was blissful. Heavenly. The most sound night of sleep I’ve had in a long time. As some of you know, I’ve bemoaned the state of our former bed for some time now. It was a hand-me down, and though it was not in horrible condition, it was clearly beyond its prime. The former box springs were especially problematic, and Melanie and I eventually moved the old mattress to the floor and have been sleeping all but on the ground ever since. Of course, sleeping on the floor can be a bit tiring, and it’s only getting harder and harder on Melanie for obvious reasons. So, having researched beds a little while back, and having gathered some tips from those who know more than we do, Melanie and I headed to a recommended bed store (a nod of thanks to Downtown Guy) and made what we trust will be a very good investment. We weren’t certain we’d get a king, but the value was unbeatable—I’d say $200-300 less than I’d expected to spend even on a queen, and not a fancy queen at that. (I’m sure there’s a transvestite joke just waiting to happen, but I’ll leave that to your imagination.) Part of the reason is that we bought a “blemished” mattress, but I couldn’t care less about that. As I see it, even if the mattress lasts only half the time that it should (which I have no reason to suppose), it will have been a worthwhile purchase. We really got a good deal. Melanie even called her mom to tell her about our purchase only to learn that her mom had just bought a new queen-sized bed for one of Melanie’s brothers who is still living at home. We spent less than Melanie’s mom did, and I’m willing to bet we have not only a larger bed, but a nicer one.

Edison and Peter like the new bed, as well. I said something about the bed looking like a hotel bed, and now Eddie likes to get in our bed and pretend he’s at a hotel. This morning, he climbed into our bed for a few minutes, then got up to “go downstairs for breakfast,” hearkening to the free continental breakfast we enjoyed the last couple of times we’ve stayed at a hotel. He’s also played “bed store,” having Melanie pretend to be a customer who comes in to buy a new bed. Eddie sells her the bed, then he and Melanie pretend to deliver it. I never would have thought that Melanie’s and my buying a new bed was going to be so much fun for the kids. If only they were so excited about their own beds. It would make the nighttime routine go a lot more smoothly.


  1. Wahoo! You got a king bed, just like you wanted.
    After desperately needing a good mattress for years, Chad and I finally purchased a king sized mattress off of Overstock. We love it. And although I really wish everybody in the house would just sleep through the night, in their own beds, I am glad that there is room for all of us now. "If you can't beat them, join them."

    I still need to buy a duvet for our king size down comforter. Right now we just have the queen comforter on the bed and there is often a tug of war that ensues at night.


  3. That is way cool. I like the colors too... and a body pillow is awesome! I LOVE mine. It was great when I was pregnant and now, when Jeff stays up late playing games and I don't have anyone to snuggle with and for keeping Rayne on the bed...