Thursday, January 21, 2010


For the past three nights, Melanie and I have been sleeping on the floor. Well, okay, not exactly on the floor. But after months upon months upon months upon months of having an increasingly and unbelievably noisy box spring, we decided we’d see what it was like to move our mattress directly to the floor. On Monday night, I removed the box spring and the frame out from under our mattress, and we’ve been sleeping low to the ground ever since.

The verdict? Not too bad, really. I don’t feel like the change is all that noticeable, comfort-wise. Audibly, of course, it’s a dream come true. The sheer fact that I can turn this way or that without being assaulted by a cacophony of creaking and groaning is absolutely awesome. I was worried I’d be off-put by being so close to the ground, like I’d feel dirty or susceptible to bugs or something. Luckily, I haven’t felt those ways. It almost seems fun—for now, at least. Kind of like camping, but much more comfortable. And having the mattress low to the ground makes our bedroom look bigger, both when you’re just in the room (because there’s not as much bed taking up space) and when you’re sleeping in it (the ceiling is so far away!). I’m sure the novelty of it all will wear off sooner than later, at which point we’ll be forced to buy a new box spring … or a whole new bed altogether. But for now, I’m surprisingly pleased with the results of our experiment. I think I’m even waking up less in the night, which makes sense given the drastic reduction in noise. That’s worth a change in hypnoidal elevation, wouldn’t you say?


  1. Hi Ben...Well I've been wondering what you guys are up to. This brings back memories but not clearly enough to know exactly of what. I just know your Dad and I have had similer experiences, including the mattress on the floor when Karen was small. What I do remember's very frustrating to make the bed. Good Luck....

  2. P S As long as you're on the floor anyway, how about getting one of those eurobeds, the airfilled, blowup variety. They go on the floor and are VERY comfortable. In the morning they will deflate themselves so you can roll them up and put them away. Then you really have a lot of space in the bedroom.

  3. Jeff and I had our mattress and box springs on the floor for a while because the frame bent. I liked it. His mom kept bugging him to fix and put the frame back under it when I was pregnant- once we did, I realized what a good idea that was!
    Anyway, miss you and I miss blogs. I've been reading, but don't have time to post... the baby and Jeff are both feeling neglected the moment :(