Friday, June 20, 2008

Donuts Make My Brown Eyes Blue

Last Saturday, I wrote about a surprise package from two wonderful friends, a package that included a box of delectable snack cakes—Hostess Chocodiles—available only in the western United States. In passing, I mentioned another scrumptious Hostess product that has limited geographical distribution. More specifically, I mentioned these:

And how did I acquire a photograph of these particular treats? By snapping it myself, because I received yet another surprise package from these same wonderful friends! I’m almost embarrassed by the generosity these two friends have shown Melanie and me over the years. If I didn’t know any better, I’d be worried that one day I’m going to be approached by these friends and asked to whack somebody, and just as I’m about to protest, I’ll be confronted with a list of all the things these two have done for me, and I won’t be able to say no, and I’ll suffer the shame of being a contract killer who was partially paid off in jelly-filled donuts. Luckily, these two friends are wonderfully wholesome people and I don’t have anything to worry about. And if they ever decide to kill someone, I don’t think they’d trouble their friends with it. Heck, they might even ask if there’s anybody they can kill for me while they’re at it. That’s how sweet they are.

So, as officially as I am capable of doing so, I am now beatifying these two friends. They shall now be known as the patron saints of Hostess products. Commence veneration.

NOTE: I appreciate those of you who have, sincerely or otherwise, offered to send along similar packages of goodies currently unavailable to me in Georgia. Do not let the generosity of these two friends dissuade you. Your package will be every bit as appreciated.


  1. So glad I checked in here to read this blog. I'm glad you have such wonderful friends- people who not only promise, very sincerely I might add, to send don-dons, but actually get it done. Wow. They are saints!

  2. Thanks for the idea, now I know who to call when I need someone "whacked", and I know how to buy him off. muahahahaahahahaahahah! (For those you you reading along at home, make sure to replay any of the various brands of maniacal laughter you have heard through the years.)


  4. Hostess has regions? That's so odd. So do restaurants. I hate fast food, but love Sonic cherry cokes (like in a not ok addictive way). And there are no Sonics in the Pacific NW. That's one of the things I miss about NM. Also, to rub it in they show Sonic drink commercials here - how dumb is that? Sadly, no one can send me a cherry coke in the mail - luck you and your donuts :(