Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Chocodile Defense

So, despite all my complaining about not getting enough sleep, I stayed up until almost 2 a.m. last night. I blame it on the high sugar content of the following delectable snacks, which showed up as a part of a surprise package from two extremely generous and wonderful friends (this guy and this gal):

I have not seen Chocodiles since moving to Georgia, and I’ve heard that there are certain Hostess products that simply are not available in all areas of the United States. Another favorite, the raspberry-filled powdered donuts, are supposedly available only in certain regions and thus have not been seen by me in a couple of years. You won’t find either of these products listed on the official Hostess website, in fact, and Wikipedia, the site that simply cannot go wrong, confirms that Chocodiles are available only in the west.

In all fairness, though, part of why I stayed up so late is that I’ve been working on revamping my blog. You haven’t seen the changes because everything’s still in the research and development stage, but when the new format is unveiled, it will blow your mind! I’ve been thinking about shaking things up for a while now, and since I’ll be moving to Tallahassee and starting yet another chapter of my life in less than two months, it seems like an appropriate time to make a change. I’m even renaming the blog. My original plan was to do a subtle rechristening, Sucking on Florida Oranges. But I’ve come up with something I like better, something that completely abandons the orange motif I established shortly after my blog debuted in September ’04. I’m excited.

Melanie has already introduced some changes to her blog, so if you have a moment, go check out what she’s done with the place. It’s cool.


  1. Tragic, just tragic that you don't have access to those raspberry filled powdered donuts. I can pass on the chocodiles, but I would sorely miss the donuts. I don't eat them often, especially since Chad has been very disciplined about sweets. Last time I bought the donuts I had to eat the whole box. Terrible, huh? :)

  2. I'll try to send you some don-dons as a house warming gift. One of Karen's friends ships them through E-bay and I guess does alright. Who knew?! I wonder why they would deprive the rest of the country of such goodness? For that matter, I wonder what we're missing out here!