Sunday, November 01, 2015

Halloween 2015

I don’t suppose Halloween needs much of an introduction. You know how it goes. Parades, costumes, candy, decorations. Yada, yada, yada. On with the photos.

Creegan's preschool parade was held on Thursday, October 29th.  Parents were invited, but the note they had sent home about it was ambiguous enough to make it rather unclear what exactly was meant to happen.  Unlike at any Halloween parade I've previously attended, the parents who came to this parade ended up following their kids around from room to room.  I followed suit, although it seemed a little bit strange to do so, since I wasn't really next to Creegan most of the time.

Note the word "die" as part of Creegan's decorative touch on his Halloween bag.  Such a cutie!

Creegan kept posing for the camera, and that's exactly what he's doing here.  He adopted this stance and held still until I snapped a photo.  Nothing natural about it.

Creegan blowing me a goodbye kiss after the parade had concluded.  What a great kiddo!

Melanie, Eddie, and Peter had their Halloween parade on Friday, October 30th.  Melanie and her fellow Kindergarten teachers dressed as Pete the Cat.

Peter beamed when he spotted Creegan and me (and his grandma) in the audience.  Ever since I first saw it, Peter's smile has been among my very favorite things in the world.

Eddie was also in very good spirits, which made me happy.  He's much, much cuter here than he is with his Halloween mask on, as the next photo will make clear.

On Friday night, Melanie and I took the boys to Scheels for a Halloween scavenger hunt.  Peter almost always has red eyes in photographs, but it works quite lovely on this particular occasion.

The boys with Uncles Kaleb (left) and Tom (right).

The hallmark of Scheels is, of course, the Ferris wheel.  The scavenger hunt concluded with a free token for each kid to ride the Ferris wheel.  We're saving our tokens for a future visit, as the line for the Ferris wheel was waaaaayy long.

Halloween evening (around 6 PM, not dark yet).  Heading out for some trick or treating.  Melanie and I are dressed as Peanut Butter & Jelly.

My family, with Kaya (Kaleb's longtime girlfriend, who works at Scheels), Grandma, and Uncle Tom.

The coolest house on our trick-or-treating tour featured this scene.  The garage door was open and a black screen was hanging over the opening.  Inside of the garage, a projector was displaying a film on the black screen.  This created a kind of 3D effect.  What you see here is a skeleton band playing music.  Some scenes portrayed were much more frightening, such as the scene of a grim reaper who stares menacingly at you and eventually swipes at you with his scythe.  Or her scythe.  It's hard to tell with skeletons.

And that's that!  Happy Halloween!

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  1. I love how you love your kids and it's so evident!