Thursday, February 20, 2014

Potpourri No. 38

Life made little…

Blog? What’s a blog?
I do believe this is the longest I’ve gone between posts in quite some time. To be honest, I haven’t even thought about my blog recently. Not until a few moments before I started writing this entry. I’ve just been too busy and overwhelmed. This post will make some of the reasons clear.

Market Fresh
I have now officially entered the job market, having submitted an application for a philosophy job much closer to my hometown (as mentioned in my previous post). It’s been nearly two weeks since I submitted my application, so I could be hearing back from them within the next week or so. That’s not guaranteed, but it’s a “typical” response time according to the email receipt I got for my application. I have no immediate plans to apply anywhere else. I can’t imagine a job that I would be more excited about, but that’s not why I’m hesitant. It’s merely that there aren’t a lot of job postings right now. They usually appear in the fall, so it’s slim pickings if you’re hoping to apply to anything in the immediate future. Anyone out there who’s keeping their fingers crossed for me, please keep them crossed for another few weeks, or until further notice. Thanks!

School Crossings
As I also mentioned in my previous blog entry, Edison has crossed over from virtual school to “normal” school. He’s been going to a brick-and-mortar school for a few weeks now. He loves it. Melanie and I were both amazed at how quickly he adapted. I thought for sure he’d come home after his first day saying he didn’t want to go back. He always seemed so apprehensive about going to a normal school before. But nope. He was fine and dandy going on his first day, and he came home a very happy child. For the first several days, he beamed. He was thrilled. That excitement has waned a bit by now, but overall the attitude remains very positive. It’s awesome, and not as strange feeling as I had expected to have him gone several hours a day. I realize it’s not as significant a change for me as it is for Melanie, but I am around the house enough that it does make a difference. I’m just glad it’s turning out to be such a wonderful thing for all of us.

Can You Hear Me Now?
I’ve been writing the occasional post for the Mormon-themed Exploring Sainthood blog for several months now. Exploring Sainthood also has a podcast, and a couple of nights ago, I participated in the making of one of those podcasts. It was going to feature me and one other person discussing the February “First Presidency Message” contained in the LDS Church’s monthly magazine Ensign. And that we did, but due to a technology glitch, the entire discussion was lost. It’s regrettable, but as it was my first time participating in something that would have been disseminated in audio format to hundreds of listeners, I’m not entirely disappointed that it didn’t work out. I rambled more than I would have liked, so the technical difficulties have probably saved me at least a little embarrassment. That being said, I will be participating in the so-called “home teaching message” podcast for March. That could be up within a couple of weeks. I’ll let you know.

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  1. I'm so glad Eddie likes school! That's great.
    I am doing more than crossing my fingers for your job! And I'm very impressed that you would be featured on a podcast. Be sure to let us know so we can listen!