Monday, November 04, 2013

Halloween 2013

October was full of lots of Halloween fun. A yearly tradition for us is to visit the Tallahassee Heights United Methodist Church. THUMC hosts an annual October pumpkin patch that is a virtual carnival on Saturdays, complete with bounce houses, pony rides, and concessions. We rarely purchase anything, but we like to go and partake of the fun.

Dinky the Hippopotamus, the sixth member of our family, tagged along with us.

Eddie's a nervous fellow.  You can tell that he's a little uncertain about his balance here.

Our own church hosted the (not always) annual “trunk-or-treat,” a pre-Halloween Saturday morning get-together that features games and “trick or treating” out of the trunks of parked vehicles. Here are some photos from this event:


Peter ("the unknown phantom" on the left), Eddie, Creegan, and Melanie participating in a cupcake walk.

Eddie got a cupcake fairly soon.  Peter, Melanie, and Creegan were stuck in the cupcake walk forever before any of them got a prize.

Hey!  It's a hay ride!  You may recognize the princess as Eddie's and Peter's best friend, who appeared in my last post.

Creegan didn't waste any time getting to his candy.  He plopped right down in an empty parking space and got to work.

We also had some fun activities at home. The boys were excited to decorate. There is a popular Halloween street in Tallahassee where many of the residents really go to town with their Halloween decorations. After seeing that, Eddie and Peter were inspired to design scary signs to put up on our apartment door. Take a look:

Click this photo to see an enlarged version thereof.

On Halloween Eve, the boys carved pumpkins. Although Mom and Dad helped with the carving, each pumpkin was entirely designed by its owner. Check it out:

This is a good Halloween photo because Eddie looks slightly psychotic here.

From left to right: Eddie's pumpkin, Creegan's pumpkin, and Peter's pumpkin.  I couldn't tell as I snapped this photo that a bag was slightly in front of Eddie's pumpkin, obscuring its mouth somewhat.

And then there was Halloween itself. We didn’t get many pictures, and we got none of me in my costume. That’s a shame because I was HILARIOUS!!! Well, I liked my costume anyway. It was a last-minute idea and actually a spin-off of an idea that Melanie had, so I can’t take much credit. I simply taped a white sheet of paper to my chest on which was printed: #halloweencostume.  It was particularly popular among the younger folk.

Reminder: that's Peter in the burqa.  Er, I mean the "unknown phantom" costume.

Melanie as a gypsy, or whatever the politically correct word is for those nomadic people that travel in caravans and cast spells on you.  Peter took this photo.

This is the group with whom we went trick-or-treating.  Eddie's pumpkin face is almost smack dab in the middle, with Peter just in front of him in black.  Creegan's running over to be in the photo at the left.  I'm in the back left corner.  Melanie's next to me, but you can't see her at all.  I'm permanently borrowing this photo from the friend who took it.

There ya go!

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  1. We have zero pics of Creegan in his Halloween costume during the entire month! I vote we stage one!