Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not So Thoughtful After All

Some of you may remember when, approximately four months ago, I announced that I would be writing for the blog at A Thoughtful Faith. Some of you may even remember when, approximately three months ago, I announced that my first post had appeared on A Thoughtful Faith. Few to none of you have probably been wondering when my next blog post will appear on A Thoughtful Faith. The answer is: never.

Here’s the good news. I will now be contributing to the blog component of Exploring Sainthood. For all intents and purposes, Exploring Sainthood is very much the same as A Thoughtful Faith. In fact, Exploring Sainthood came along because those who were the primary caretakers of A Thoughtful Faith decided to break off and form their own website. I went with them, and so now I am part of the Exploring Sainthood team. From my perspective, I’m working with the same people on the same general project. It just has a different name and a different URL.

Because it took some time to get the new website up and running, my first post at Exploring Sainthood has yet to appear. In all likelihood, my first post with Exploring Sainthood will be nearly identical to my first post at A Thoughtful Faith, since that one has since been removed. However, for those desperate to read my writings somewhere other than here, you can click here and then pull up my bio. It provides a highly abbreviated version of my spiritual journey thus far.

Stay tuned…

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