Monday, August 27, 2012

Utah 2012 Photos, Part 3

These are the final photos from our summer 2012 Utah trip. These photos were taken between July 30th and August 7th. For more information on these dates, see my Week 3Week 4, Part One and Week 4, Part Two posts.


The park near Daybreak Lake. Can you find Eddie and Peter?

Pictures from Super Date Day (August 3, 2012):

O Temptress, thy name is Ruth!

What a view!

The baked bread that is given during the morning hours is accompanied by raspberry jam. Super yummy.

Things just keep getting better!

Yes, this picture was taken inside the movie theater auditorium @ Broadway Centre Cinemas. No, the movie hadn’t started.

This used to be my playground. Well, no, it was my junior high. Now it’s neither mine nor a junior high.

Livin’ la vida loca en La Hacienda. Again, note the cheddar cheese!

At Melty Way (August 4, 2012):

Only in Utah:

The Bees Game (August 6, 2012):

Creegan plays on the playground during the early innings of the game.

Edison in mid-swing.

Peter, post-swing.

Waiting for various members of Melanie’s family to show up. Eddie looks done already.

Everybody’s here! Pictured from left to right (front): Abbie, Shanda, Brent, Owen (asleep in stroller), Edison, Creegan, Trina, and Mark. I don’t know the people in the rear so I’ll have to make this part up (rear): Trisha, Kate S., Linda, Bailey, Quentin, Greta, Samantha, Cole, Bridgette, Luisa, Shane, Becky, Heidi (in pink without a face), Kate R., Polly, Janie, Kate M., Gus, Corrine (seated), Bella, Frank, and Saul.

Creegan was very excited about the train and would clap whenever it made a safe return.

Finally onboard!

Beyond Glaze (August 7, 2012):

My blueberry torte donut. Yum.

Uncle Kaleb gets in on the action.

Wait, Creegan! Your donut needs you!

The absolute end. Frowny face!

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  1. Love all the pictures! Sure do miss you guys!