Friday, August 17, 2012

Utah 2012 Photos, Part 1

I now begin the arduous task of posting pictures from our Summer 2012 Utah trip. As I noted in my first post about the trip, I failed to take to Utah the cord that would have allowed me to transfer photographs from our camera to our laptop. This oversight prevented me from being able to share pictures as I wrote about the trip. Because I am now sharing photos after the fact, I’m going to try to minimize just how much I do. Otherwise, the task would be all the more tedious. The good news is, as I share select photos, I’m bound to have a few new things to discuss, either that I previously overlooked or that weren’t significant enough to work into my previous narratives.

For the record, these photos cover July 11th through July 20th. Some of the events depicted here were described in greater detail in my Week 1 and Week 2 posts about the Utah trip.

Melanie’s mother had giant cans of Diet Mountain Dew awaiting us when we arrived at her house immediately after being picked up from the airport. She sure knew how to make us feel welcomed!

This is a spare bedroom in Melanie’s parents’ house. It acted as my office while I was in Utah. I spent a fair amount of time in that kitchen chair, working on my dissertation.

One of the boys’ first destinations was Grandma and Grandpa’s backyard trampoline. Creegan was very cute on the trampoline, but he usually preferred to run around the yard instead.

This pic was taken from underneath the trampoline. It would make a good album cover for The Toasted Heads (which is what Edison told me several months ago would be his band’s name).

Melanie’s elementary school is a very short walk away from Melanie’s parents’ house. This picture was taken when we took the kids to the school playground. That’s Uncle Tom on the right.

Edison chillaxin’ at Sconecutter.

Creegan with a drink in each hand. Smart kid.

Pics from Silver Lake on Grandpa’s birthday:

Moving felled tree stumps is hard work, says Creegan.

Peter gets some help from Grandpa.

And they made it!

Peter wanted constantly to be looking through Grandpa’s binoculars. Bumping into other hikers several times as he walked didn’t dissuade him.

Edison wanted his picture taken on top of almost every rock we passed. And that’s pretty much what we did.

Creegan keepin’ hydrated.

Pics from Great Grandma and Grandpa’s House (still on Grandpa’s birthday):

Great Grandpa’s backyard is huge, with plenty for kids to enjoy. The tractors are always a hit.

Eddie and Peter, swinging with Uncle Tom.

Uncle Tom is everybody’s favorite. Now you know why.

Edison shows off his marshmallow-roasting abilities.

Peter shows off his marshmallow-eating abilities.

Edison and Peter are always willing to help when it comes to cake. (By the way, that cake was AWESOME. It’s just a yellow cake with some sort of cream cheese frosting topped with cherries. But man, it was good!)

And Creegan is always willing to help Eddie and Peter when it comes to cake.

That’s it for now!!

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  1. I just read all three of your 'vacation' posts and enjoyed them very much. It sounds like your time turned out much like you planned for it to. It's good to hear you made it to some of your favorite food spots. And the photos are really nice. We all hated to see you go. We really do miss you a lot here.