Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I Exist

So, today marked the first day of my second week of teaching. Things are going well, I think. I have fewer than 20 students. It’s not intimidating. I’m teaching logic, so the material is very straightforward. We’re not doing philosophy in the strictest sense (or perhaps we are doing it in the most strict sense), so there’s not a lot of arguing to be done. There aren’t interesting classroom discussions. That makes it easier in some ways. I’m enjoying myself well enough.

If I had tons and tons of available time, I’d write about how I received some belated Father’s Day gifts from Melanie and the boys (a trio of great movies on Blu-ray), about Edison’s birthday, and about the fourth of July (which was quite pleasant, all said and done). But I don’t have time, dang it all.

I guess this is nothing more than a declaration of existence. But hey, that’s needed sometimes.


  1. A Declaration of Existence IS absolutely needed from time to time and I'm always happy to see one from you. Good to hear your classes are not overly taxing. Stay well.

  2. I'm glad you exist.
    I was looking at pictures the other day and just cried, like sob cried, I miss you so much. It was kind of weird, almost like it's been so long, I hardly recognize you or something. Does that make any sense? You are coming soon right?!?