Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the Bad, In with the Good

I know. I risk boring even myself as I continue to write about diet and health issues. How much duller can it get? But this is probably the last time in a while that I’ll feel inspired to write about these things, at least in any great detail. And I’m not going into that much detail today. It’s just that I’ve spent the last week being much more relaxed about what food I eat, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way I feel. That seemed worthy of a post.

As I recently noted, I feel very good about the efforts I’ve made. However, from Christmas Eve through New Year’s, I decided not to restrict myself. I wasn’t going to go overboard, but I wasn’t going to avoid things, and Christmas day itself was a free-for-all. Today, New Year’s Eve, is also supposed to be a free-for-all. You probably think that means I’m having lots of fun. But the truth is – I kind of hate it. As soon as the protective dietary walls came down, I’ve felt worse. More sluggish, more uncomfortable in my gut. The good news is, this motivates me. I’m actually looking forward to being more disciplined again. It feels better. I wasn’t on my new health kick for very long, but I’m glad I can already recognize a difference. That’s an inspiring thing. In fact, I’ve been surprised to learn that eating better has resulted in me getting full faster. I didn’t notice that while I was eating better, but since reverting back to recklessness, I can tell I don’t want to eat as much as I used to. We got pizza a few days ago, and I ate less than I normally would have and felt like I’d eaten too much. It’s probably a good thing – just one piece of pizza I ate had half a day’s worth of saturated fat in it. (Cheese is a killer, I’m afraid.) Even though I’ve been more relaxed, I’ve been paying attention to what I eat, and there have been a couple of days when I’ve taken in almost three times the daily recommended amount of saturated fat. That’s easy to do when something like a half cup of egg nog gives you 25% of the recommended daily amount. But it’s also pretty freaky.

So yes, I’m finishing out the year with all the bad stuff, and I’ll begin the New Year on a much better note. I really will go back to better practices, even after this splurge. I’m not worried about that. If sheer feeling better weren’t enough motivation, there’s also the fact that in the brief time since I’ve seen my doctor, I think I’ve dropped a pound or two. I’m not sure. I got a bathroom scale several days ago, and according to it I weigh ten pounds less than I did when I was at the doctor. Some of that is probably due to differences in what I was wearing and, perhaps, differences in the scales themselves. But I’m crossing my fingers that those things cannot account for all ten pounds. Who knows, I may have put those pounds back on in the last few days, but I trust they’ll disappear again. Here’s to 2011!


  1. Chad and I were discussing your last post about your health and were wondering if your change in diet had lead to any weight loss. At least a little bit, so that you were getting that benefit too.

    Changing one's diet is a difficult thing to do. I am fortunate that I don't struggle with weight, but I am constantly trying to eat healthier. I do it for a while and then I totally fall off the wagon. I love cheese and processed grains. Oh, and refined sugar, I'm addicted to that stuff. It just what I'm use to and it's hard to change. We consume quite a bit of fruit at our house, but vegetables are another story. It's just so much work to incorporate them consistently into our diets.

    Anyway, I just want to say that I am very impressed that you have been able to change your diet and that you are seeing results from it.

    On another note-that Sister Wives show? I am very fascinated by it. I've read books about polygamy and how horrible it is, so it was interesting to see people seemingly make it work very well. Not that I am signing up for it or anything, but I think polygamy can work. When they said that the Lehi Police would be investigating the father of the family I was like, "leave him alone." I think that him and his wives are much better parents than most. And seriously, I think its better for people have more than one wife and be open and honest about the fact than for people to have affairs. But for some reason, society is more accepting of affairs.

  2. Good for you!! Karen has also noticed a huge difference in how she feels now. You should compare notes with her. The rest of us are, as always, in denial. Sugar makes my feet hurt in my sleep. But I never remember that when I'm having a a midnight snack of nonsense junk!! Khrystine is also jumping on the diet bandwagon now so the three of you are really a good example for me as well as your siblings. Thanks for letting us know what you think.