Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taxes are Fun!

I’ve just spent what feels like all day doing our taxes. I’m fairly certain this is the first time in my life that I’ve completed my taxes prior to April, so I’m feeling very proud of myself. I’m also feeling quite jubilant because, as excited as I was last year, this year is only better. Over $2,000 better, in fact. Which is awesome. In fact, it’s almost ridiculous. Our refund this year is going to be approximately 55% of what I grossed in 2009. I’m thrilled. It’s a good year for this to be happening. For whatever reason, I didn’t get quite as much school-based financial assistance as I did last year. A lofty tax refund—and really, it’s absurd to call it a refund when we’re being compensated almost tenfold what we contributed—will be good, especially with some of the expenses we’re anticipating this year. Some of you know what I’m talking about. Wink, wink.

Despite the fact that it took a hefty chunk of time to complete, filing our taxes went much more quickly and smoothly than ever before, thanks to electronic filing with H&R Block. Given our situation, our taking advantage of electronic filing was completely free. I went with H&R Block because it’s a name I’m familiar with, but I’m not trying to promote them in particular. It’s just nice to have an online program doing all the math for you, asking you relatively simple and straightforward questions and making it as effortless as possible. Filing electronically also makes it possible that we’ll receive our refund within a couple of weeks. Pretty nifty. If you’re eligible for free online filing, and I’m sure at least some of you are, you might as well try it.


  1. Anticipated expenses? Congratulations!

  2. We too filed electronically. I like it. We tried doing it on paper too but some of that got confusing- not too bad, we just felt if-y. The online thing is nice- they walk you through everything. I'm glad for your "refund" and the anticipated expenses.