Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Little Thinking Big from a Big Thinker

Not that long ago, I posted a link to a news story regarding the highly impressive grant that was awarded to a philosophy professor at my school. This professor (whose name I omit only because I don’t want people Googling him to end up on my blog) is easily the most distinguished professor in my program and, as far as my area of specialization is concerned, in the world. He fairly regularly travels the globe, speaking not only with other philosophers but with the scientific community, etc. He was recently interviewed for the website Big Think. I’ve included the full-length interview below. While it’s a bit long, those who view it will get a better sense of the sort of thing I do. With that being said, I’m hoping that at least my mom and dad will feel inclined to watch it.

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  1. thanks Ben, I enjoyed watching this. It is simple and easy to understand and I was afraid it wouldn't be at all. Thinking of things like this is quite enjoyable and it's wonderful that you are so good at it. Since I don't do so well myself on the understanding part nowdays, I find it gratifying to have a son who does.