Thursday, April 23, 2009

Potty Humor for the Whole Family

I have always been a fan of writing little songs and jingles. Some time ago, I found myself singing this little ditty:

You see me coming your way
And you like the way I dance
But there’s something you don’t know
I’m going in my pants

For whatever unknown (and thankfully not too directly related) reason, this song returned to my mind this morning, and I found myself singing it at the breakfast table. Soon enough, Edison turned the straw for his hot chocolate into a makeshift microphone and started belting out the last line of the song: “I’m going in my pants!”

Melanie and I were quite amused and laughed heartily. As soon as Edison sang the line, he turned to me and asked, “What does that mean?” I explained in delicate and not so many words that sometimes if a person doesn’t utilize the toilet, they utilize their trousers.

Apparently the song is quite catchy, as Edison then spent the next while singing his own rendition of the song. I quite like the changes he made. Eddie’s version goes like this:

When you don’t go in the bathroom,
I go in your pants!

I laughed harder this morning than I have in a long time.

I do not claim to be a perfect role model for my children.


  1. Oh Benny, you just don't know how perfect you are.

  2. I have also "laughed heartifly" over this everytime I read it.
    Although, you know I would never approve such lyrics! (haha)
    Dad is also laughing know he loves it!