Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow February Bikinis

Well, the cold spell is apparently over. Tallahassee is supposed to stay in the mid-70s for the remainder of the week, then cool off slightly and remain in the 60s throughout next week. I’ve taken to wearing shorts again, and we’re already utilizing the air conditioner in both our apartment and our car. For the first time in a few months, residents at our apartment complex are again using the swimming pool. And, as of two days ago, the sunbathers have returned to FSU campus.

Coming from Utah, which is culturally as well as climatologically distinct from Florida, it is somewhat amusing to see bikini-clad women strewn out on the lawn in front of the university library. You don’t get this in Utah, even in June or July, let alone February. I have to wonder if these sunbathers are even attending classes on the days when I see them. Do they just wear their swimsuits under their normal clothes, attend classes, and then strip down in between classes to lie out in the sun? I’ve yet to see a student in class wearing only a bikini top, or obviously wearing a swimsuit underneath their other clothes. Given the style of dress most students adopt in Florida, this type of thing should easily be spotted if it were happening. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me to see here, but I haven’t. Then again, I spend most of my time in graduate level philosophy classes, which is not typically the sunbathing crowd. Perhaps these sunbathing students make a special trek to campus just for the purpose of getting some sun. Admittedly, if you lived in any of the apartment complexes near campus, campus might be the most convenient place to do some sunbathing, unless you’re okay with lying out on the asphalt of a gas station parking lot.

Yes, it’s interesting living in Florida. To all my freezing friends and family in Utah, feel free to come visit!


  1. I'll be there in May... oh wait, I'll be busy :)
    This is really crazy. It's pretty cold here, especially when the wind blows but there is some sun out today.
    As for the culture/stylistic differences, does it bother you? I know a time or two I was in California near a beach or something and didn't seem TOO culturally shocking to see bikinis etc. I remember one year coming home and going to Lagoon and thinking there was more immodesty there, or at least it seemed more jarring and out of place.

  2. It's hard to imaging you basking in Florida sunshine when we're celebrating Valentine's day now.
    We had an inch or two of snow this morning and keep turning on the heater in the car or the house.
    Well, don't get sunburned.