Thursday, February 05, 2009

Is That an Otter Pop in Your Pocket, or is It Just Really Friggin’ Cold Outside?

Nearly every morning, I check for the local forecast. Generally, I am trying to determine three things before heading off to school: (1) just how warm of a shirt I need to wear, (2) whether or not I need a jacket, and (3) whether or not I should take an umbrella.

Lately, the weather forecast on has been accompanied by an advertisement for Dentyne brand chewing gum. The ad is innovative in that it implements your current, local weather details into the advertisement’s verbiage. This becomes a bit absurd, however, when the ad is otherwise climatologically indifferent. This was particularly noticeable this morning, when during my 8 a.m. weather check, the temperature in Tallahassee was a bitter 16 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the frigidness of the outside air, Dentyne was bent on promoting romantic romps in the grass. In fact, Dentyne assures me that 16 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect condition for outdoor make-out sessions. Hmmm. I remain a bit skeptical.

I thought I’d share the ad with you, so you can see for yourself. To give you the full effect, I am including the weather forecast alongside the advertisement, so you can see just how clever the folks at Dentyne take themselves to be. The ad is comprised of three consecutively displayed images; the first image informs you of your local weather, the second image suggests you should run outside in your tank top and start making out on the ground, and the third image finally reveals that this ingenious advice is coming to you from the makers of Dentyne. Because only the first two images are relevant to my complaint, those are the only two reproduced here. Anyway, take a gander:

Brilliant, eh?


  1. hmmm...uh why are these kids doing all that stuff?? I can't remember.

    On the other hand....why is it only 16 degrees in Tallahassee??? I did not know you got that cold there! Stay warm.

  2. That's hillarious!

    And I was going to ask that too- I had no idea it got that cold there? Are you sure you know where you live?