Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful for Thanksgiving

This year, I feel especially thankful for Thanksgiving itself. It’s the calm before the storm. As of tomorrow, I’ll have 10 days to do everything that remains to be done for my first semester as a Ph.D. student. This includes writing three essays of my own and grading 60 essays written by nearly-illiterate undergraduates. Wish me luck!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! If you read this, you are probably someone I am thinking of and grateful for today!


  1. I was so hoping to see you in blogs for Thanksgiving. I got to see ALL of our family except you guys yesterday. I miss you a lot.
    Good luck with all your work in the next 10 days. I still am amazed that you are a PhD student. I am in awe!!!!

  2. GOOD LUCK....I think of you all the time and I'm very excited about you all getting here soon. Just keep plugging away. Khrys had seven papers to write over the weekend so naturally that makes me wonder how you are doing. I know your workload goes way beyond where she's at, but she's working very hard too. So good luck with everything.