Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Literal Video

Some comedic geniuses have created a series of (well, two so far) “literal videos.” The idea is this: take a music video, strip it of its original vocal track, and insert a new vocal track featuring lyrics that more fully and accurately capture the goings-on of the accompanying video. It’s actually quite funny, and it’s all the better that the targeted videos thus far have been 1980s pop classics. Here is the literal video version of “Head Over Heels,” by one of my favorite 80s bands, Tears for Fears:

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Prior to the “Head Over Heels” video, the literal video team had their way with A-ha’s “Take On Me,” commonly regarded as one of the awesomest music videos of all time. The result was not quite as humorous, but it has its moments. Take a look:


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  2. I can't wait to watch these with sound (I'm at work :( so I better wait, at least until it's less busy around here!)
    I just watched the movie Music and Lyrics again last night and was trying to remember what you'd said or if you'd seen it? I loved it! I love '80's stuff... like Jeff and Mel and Khrys! Haha

  3. In cast you ever check back....
    James, Stephen, and Heather were over last night and we watched both videos again, this time with sound. Pretty funny!! They were enjoyed by all.