Monday, September 01, 2008

I Have the Power!

On August 11th, I successfully defended my master's thesis. “Successfully,” meaning my thesis committee did not forbid me from graduating. This does not mean they were in any way convinced by that for which my thesis argued. No matter. It is over and done, and aside from the degree officially showing on my transcript (which may take until December), I am now a Master of Philosophy.

It has been a crazy few weeks. For a variety of reasons, getting an Internet connection established in my Tallahassee apartment has been a pain in the rear end. Even now that I have a connection, it has not been without problems. Just tonight, I spent a good hour trying to get the connection reestablished after who-knows-what went wrong. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that this will be the end of the trouble. We'll see.

Now that I'm reconnected, I hope to increase my blogging again and let you all know what it's like in Tallahassee, how the Ph.D. program is going, etc. So far, so good. I've only had one week of classes, but I'm hopeful. It doesn't seem any different than my master's program, as far as the workload is concerned.

For those who were worried, Melanie and I (and Eddie and Peter) survived our first tropical storm. It didn't do much to us other than rain quite heavily for a couple of days. Flooding was the major concern around here, but I wasn't that worried about it. We live on the second floor of an apartment complex located at the top of a semi-steep hill, so it would have taken a Noah-sized event for our home to get flooded (barring a severe roof leak, I suppose). I don't watch the news enough to know how worried I'm supposed to be about Gustav and/or Hanna. Nobody seems too concerned yet, so I guess I'll just happily follow the crowd and hope it doesn't result in our untimely deaths.

That's it for now. I haven't had time to revamp the format of this blog like I had planned to do once I got to Tallahassee, but perhaps a new format will be a nice way to celebrate the fourth-year anniversary of this blog. Can you believe it? Time is flying....


  1. Now all you need is a giant sword and some awesome fur lined breifs and you truly will be the "Master" of the universe. Congrats and keep on going!

  2. It is sooooo good to have you back here, and to know that everything is okay in Tallahassee. It sounds like you are happy. I loved seeing Melanie's blog too. Things are settled and you're on your way. We still miss you as much as ever, probably more. But we'll get you here on Christmas. Take care.

    p.s. I put Eddie and the Mt. Dew bottles up for my wallpaper on here. It's so much fun to boot up and find him there,

  3. Hey, Hanna and Gustav were going to be the names of my first children... haha.
    Glad you survived it. And I am so excited for you to be a master of the universe! I feel so proud of you, but I always feel like saying your proud of someone is kind of presumptuous. Like you're not really mine to be proud of. Anyway, I am so proud of you! I love you to death... well, not literally to death, better watch out for those storms...

  4. dad and khrys and i are proud of you too....