Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tallahassee Wishlist

The following is a list of things I would like to acquire as I move to Tallahasee to begin my Ph.D. program this August:
  • A new computer (current one is several years old, has iffy performance at times, and the hard drive is basically full)
  • A laptop (more and more, this seems like a wise thing to own – as a father of two and a Ph.D. student, it would probably be useful to have the option of being out of the house and working at the same time, and yet not be forced to be on campus using a computer lab or reliant on some 30-minute-limit per use public library computer)
  • A new backpack (the most necessary item of the bunch, I suppose; my current one is slowly disintegrating)
  • New clothes (esp. shorts! In Florida, will I ever want to wear long pants again?)
  • A new couch (our current one is rather worn down and I’d rather not invest the effort into moving it)
  • Some new books (it wouldn’t hurt to beef up my collection of free will literature, since that is what I’ll be focusing on; I own surprisingly few of the “standards”)
  • A portable mp3 player – e.g., an iPod (I’ve got plenty of music on my computer, but nothing portable on which to play it. I’ve heard that you can probably get a basic mp3 player for as low $20 nowadays. Really, I should have purchased one of these two years ago, since I imagine my daily commuting time in Atlanta has far outshined what I’ll be doing in Tally. Then again, Tally doesn’t have a train. It’s all bus, baby.)

The following is a list of things I am likely to acquire as I move to Tallahasee to begin my Ph.D. program this August:

  • A new backpack (for the reasons stated above)

Ahhh, the life of a grad student!


  1. Man I wish I could send you a new couch in the mail!
    Have you read Mom's posts about wishing? Hm... does it apply here?

  2. This list makes me tired...
    I have been very happy with my Sony Walkman mp3 player, just in case you need a recommendation.

  3. I could have written this list. And also just ended up with the backpack. Funny. Well, funny lame. The worst thing about school was the utter lack of money while you're in there. Are you really moving to Florida? I must have missed that post. Don't they have alligators there!?