Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Step Right Up to the Microphone!

(... er, on second thought, maybe not!)

Bill Cosby is all about clean, family-friendly stand-up comedy, right? So does anybody want to explain what Mr. Cosby is doing with the microphone in this picture? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he has reverted only to flatulence jokes. If he's getting any more lowbrow than that, I'm afraid it could severely distort my Saturday morning memories of Mr. Cosby instructing children to "jiggle their jigglers" and suck on his "pudding pops."


  1. I think that's funny?
    Your use of jello jigglers and pudding pops is funny only because is it's you... I think... maybe it's just scary...
    Actually, I was just reading about a teacher here who is in so much hot water for answering student questions in sex ed. I thought the articles and even some people's comments were quite enlightening... so I'm kind of trying to take a lighter, or at least more open, view of such things. Not sure this applies...

  2. I think he's just standing with one leg up, resting his torso on his leg. He happens to be holding a microphone, but I don't think he was aiming it at anything.

  3. I tend to agree with Mr.Ostrowsky. And some screwy photographer is taking the opportunity to make a big deal of it. But I could be wrong...you never know. I'm not gonna' think about it