Friday, January 18, 2008

Really Milli Vanilli?

So, if Milli Vanilli didn't really sing their own songs, explain this video, which clearly shows the duo belting out one of their greatest hits! Was the Milli Vanilli conspiracy a conspiracy of its own?!? Although, I must admit, for being two guys, I don't really hear more than one voice most of the time. That's kind of odd. I'm also surprised to see how much one of these guys (the more vanilli of the two) resembles Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen (take your pick--about the Olsen's, not the Milli's). Am I wrong?

Wax nostalgic and enjoy!


  1. I enjoyed the video...but to answer your question:..I don't know.

  2. I can't wait to watch the video!!! (I'm at work so I guess I better wait...) Frankly, I REALLY liked Milli Vanilli and always wondered who really cared about the conspiracy etc?

  3. Yup... now that I've watched the video, that does it. WHO CARES? Those two can bustamove! Even if they do look like Mary-Kate and Ashley. Aaah, good tunes.

  4. I've wondered why, if in fact it was a fat guy in a basement singing the lyrics, why they didn't just have him continue to sing on his own. The music was good no matter who sang it.
    If I'm remembering correctly one of the two has committed suicide and I don't recall what's happened to the other, oh well.
    I do see the the Mary Kate and Ashley thing. And the one voice is just that.
    Thanks Benny for all the music insights.

  5. someone asked why they didn't just let the fat guy continue singing? Hollywood and MTV would definately not except it. Why u think these models is anorexhic??? PRESSURE