Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What'll Ya Have, What'll Ya Have?

As a graduate student of philosophy, money is something I’m used to dealing with almost purely on the theoretical level. Summertime is even harder, as student loans from the previous academic year have all been depleted but the monthly bills remain. Add to that the twice deferred payment schedule for those students who are teaching summer classes in order to earn some extra dough (such as yours truly), and you begin to realize just how bleak the perennial college life is.

Sadly, I’ve had to send my little boy off to work. Just shy of turning 1-year-old, he’s been brave about the whole thing. I think he chose rightly to begin in the fast food industry. By the time he’s in high school, he’ll be able to salt fries with both his hands tied behind his back. For an after school job, he’ll have his pick of any mall food court eatery you can imagine.

Though I probably embarrassed him in front of all his new friends, I couldn’t resist showing up in the middle of Edison’s first shift at The Varsity. For those who don’t know, The Varsity is considered a landmark, the world’s largest drive-in (see the Wikipedia article here). You can eat inside the restaurant too, which is where Eddie is stationed. Anyway, I snuck in and snapped some pictures of him before he realized I was there. I can’t believe how grown up he looks, all dressed up for work. Sigh. Take a look:

Young Edison welcomes customers with The Varsity’s trademark greeting.

Eddie diligently works to fashion his first hamburger patty.

Eddie samples the wares – don’t let the manager see you, li'l guy!

Eddie proudly hands a customer the correct amount of change (give or take a nickel).

Having just been given his first “special order” (in this case, hold the ketchup), Edison experiences his first few moments of wavering self-doubt. “Cheating” off his co-worker, Eddie is finally able to type the correct code into his cash register.

Surprise! Edison is slightly taken aback as Mom and Dad come out of the crowd and reveal themselves. His embarrassment turns to gratitude when Mom lovingly reminds him, “Nobody’ll want you to take their order if we don’t change your diaper at least once during your shift!”


  1. Well at least he will learn the value of hard work. I bet he makes a lot in tips, because man is he cute!

  2. Wow...jak said he is growing up fast!! Lol..maybe Eddie could help mac g's youngster there to get a job, eh???

  3. Benny, you are hillarious! It's not fair that you crack me up so much when I'm at work. Good job lil Ed and good luck to y'all with the $. Love you muchly. Thanks for posting and putting a bright spot in my day.

  4. Oh my. Way too funny. This kid of yours just gets cuter and cuter. I love the dealing with money in a purely theoretical way quote -- very true feeling when you're a student (sometimes even now).

  5. Hmmm, still the same post huh. Well that must mean you're not busy enough so I went and tagged you (I had to for work). Sorry! But feel free to decline I always do. Details at Offbeat Homes.

  6. Poor Edison. So cute and probably, underpaid. Wait...can he even get a work permit at this age!?