Sunday, July 22, 2007

Crazy Eights

As I mentioned in my previous post, Jennifer of Balance (via Offbeat Homes) volunteered me to participate in a meme. Without further ado, here it is...

8 Random Things about Me

  1. I kind of hope that when I'm old and all my hair (what's left of it) is gray, I will have crazy old-man eyebrows.
  2. Once in a blue moon, I still test out my telekinetic abilities, just in case someday it works. (I thought probably everyone did this from time to time, but my wife seems to disagree.)
  3. I also still fantasize on a somewhat regular basis about being famous (usually a famous musician). I'll even carry on extensive interviews in my head sometimes. (Okay, based on these first three answers, you'll think I'm nuts and living in a fantasy world--which I guess might be right.)
  4. I think one of the most satisfying breakfasts is a bowl of corn flakes with sliced banana, a glass of orange juice, and a toasted English muffin with butter. Really, I'm always so surprised at how perfectly it hits the spot.
  5. (Inspired by Sarah.) The first time I ever went to a water slide park, and I suppose I was a bit older than a lot of people when they do this, I had a brand new swimsuit that was almost denim-like. I thought nothing of it until I tried going down my first water slide and found that I was slide retardant. I had to scoot myself most of the way down the slide, which felt pretty humiliating. Luckily, they eventually sent down the person behind me, my pseudo-sister Brandy, who slammed into me and propelled me down the rest of the slide under her weight. When we finally crashed into the pool at the bottom, and when I finally wriggled my way out from underneath Brandy and resurfaced, the lifeguard there yelled at us for not having gone down one at a time. 'Tis not a great summertime memory.
  6. I have never seen Top Gun, and I don't care.
  7. During college, I once took an ethics course that required its students to do volunteer work and report on it as a final project. I totally fabricated mine. Can you really get more unethical than that?
  8. Velvet makes my teeth hurt. Touching, or even watching someone else touch, velvet gives me the same negative visceral reaction that some people associate with the scraping of fingernails on a chalkboard. It's been that way for about as long as I can remember. Anything even remotely velvet-like, such as felt, stands a good chance of making the nerves in my two front teeth start to sing. Corduroy and suede are borderline. Even a really downy blanket can cause problems if the softness and fuzziness ratio are just right (or wrong, I guess I should say). In fact, my teeth are starting to ache just writing about this. So I think I'll stop.
I guess the rules are that I'm now supposed to tag eight other people, who are then under the strictest of moral obligations to continue the meme and "pay it forward," if you will. I'll mostly have to tag family members because few else read my blog. Very few. And some of those few have already done this. So, although I do not expect anyone to actually follow through with this assignment, I hereby tag: Melanie, Mudderbear, Jak, and The Damsel. As for those fortunate enough not to be related to me (and who haven't already done this meme, as far as I can remember), I hereby tag: Mac G, Momentary Academic, and Brent if you're still alive. That leaves one nomination up for grabs. Take it if you want it.

If any of you find this as insulting as having a friend send you a chain letter, I apologize and happily relinquish you of any obligation to comply.


  1. Wow, it was totally worth the stress I went under by tagging busy you to read this. This is a great random eight. It was like one of those movie promos; you laugh, you cry, you're shocked. Okay, I did not cry. But I did laugh and number 7 shocked me. That is pretty unethical. I like that you admit to #3 and the "slide retardant" and Top Gun ones are classic. Very cool; thanks for playing!

  2. Geeze, ya think that you know someone. TOP GUN... it a classic! Very interesting and very informative. Thanks!

  3. I remember the denim swimming suit fiasco. And I really sympathize with you on #8. I have the same problem...hmmm,how did that happen?..I cannot tolerate at all, the feel of balloons, the sound of air escaping, or the high shrill sound of squeaky toys. I have to leave the room. It really hurts, front teeth, and from there my whole nervous system. Agggghhhhhh

  4. Thanks Benny and Mudder for giving me a toothache. For me it's spoons and forks scraping against dishes. Owww.
    I will totally do the meme, but it might be a while. Perhaps my first random thing will be that I never do anything right away.
    PS Hee hee my word verification says nerq. You nerq!

  5. Ah, this was great. I was going to comment on my teeth hurting things, but I got tagged! so, maybe I'll save it for mine. Hm, random things about me... ?
    I love you BennyK!

  6. I read about your velvet 'teeth sensation' issue a few days ago and it is still fascinating me. And Top Gun, while a 'classic' in some eyes, is pretty damn cheesy if you were to watch it now...and the acting by Mr. Cruise is pretty bad.