Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How to Know You've Got Great Friends

1. They travel thousands of miles to visit you, and they immediately smother you with love and generosity upon their arrival.
2. They take you to tourist attractions in your own city that you’ve never even visited yourself! (For example, Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium.)
3. They let you crowd up their otherwise spacious rental car, just so you can get stuck in traffic jams together.
4. You feel like you’re on vacation, just because they’re around!
5. Because they get you out and about in your own city, you feel more like a bona fide resident than you did before the out-of-towners showed up.
6. Because of them, you’ve finally found a nearby restaurant that you’re incredibly excited about (e.g. Pig-N-Chik).
7. They almost fool you into believing they like your kid as much as they like their own.
8. Even though food poisoning has them on the verge of puking, they hang out chatting with you rather than hiding away in the guest room.
9. They’re supposed to be on vacation, and yet they’re fixing your cupboard doors, loading your dishwasher, and debugging your computer.
10. Even though they’ve been living with you for a week, you’re still incredibly, incredibly sad to see them go.

To such good friends, thanks for visiting. We love you.


  1. That's SO cool. I'm glad you have such great friends and that they could make the long journey to see you.

    And, to the friend that recently visited you: I know Benny has always had a lot of respect for you. Thanks for being so good to him!

  2. Wow! How did you ever find friends like that?
    Seriously though, you guys are so nice. Thank you for making us feel so welcome. We miss you already!

  3. Nice. Such a happy post. Makes me miss my friends in New Mexico though. But Sarah's coming in from Ohio tomorrow and sister visits rock even more than friend visits so yea me!

  4. I think that I need to add to this list:

    • You travel thousands of miles and your friends make you instantly feel like you are at home.
    • They interrupt their schedule to stay up late and talk to you.
    • Even after spending long hours together they still pretend they like you.
    • They feed and entertain your child when you are too sick to want to do it yourself.
    • Even though they don’t like it they let you spoil them just a little.
    • They share all of their belongings including really tasty peach soda.
    • They don’t want you to leave.
    • They get up at 4:00 in the morning to see you leave.
    • They tell you that they love you and they mean it.

  5. All this is just so sweet. You are ALL so wonderful!