Wednesday, May 16, 2007

For Those Who Missed Urkel-Os

Has anybody else noticed that the latest ad campaign for Post Honey Bunches of Oats cereal features none other than America’s long lost icon, Steve Urkel? I must say, it’s good to see Urkel back on the small screen. He’s such a natural, and having already spent a brief stint peddling his own brand of cereal in the early 90s, Urkel-Os, what better than to have him running across the country, forcing Joe and Jill Public to choke down a few spoonfuls of Ho’ Bunches? It’s sheer genius on Post’s part!

Steve Urkel, circa 1991

Personally, I like Ho’ Bunches quite well as it is, so Urkel’s advertising presence isn’t going to gain a new customer in my household. But, whenever Ho’ Bunches go on sale for $2 a box and I find myself loading up my cart, I’ll be happy knowing that, in some small way, I am helping put that lovable nerd-next-door back on the boob tube. What I’m secretly hoping for is an entire Family Matters reunion commercial, where Urkel springs in on the Winslow home unannounced, and they all spend the next 30 seconds reminiscing about Urkel’s crazy antics whilst fawning over a few bowls of honey-bunched goodness.

Steve Urkel, 2007

Lest your memory fail you and you think I’m making up the existence of Urkel-Os, you can verify their existence by checking out this hilarious (but profane) 2004 review of said cereal. 2004? Yes, 2004. The box of cereal being eaten is 14-years-old. As I said, the review is an exercise in comedy … just like Urkel himself! [And check out the TV ads for Ho’ Bunches here!]

Did I do that???


  1. Well, that was fun. I'd forgotten about Steve Urkel (is that how you spell Urkel??) I see Gary Coleman advertising for a fast-money place sometimes. I guess if you're an actor, a job's a job.

    It's so good to see you back. You're the one I miss when you're gone. Ahhh...I know. But sure hope you get to blog more often. And best wishes for your summer endeavors. love, mudder

  2. I'm laughing... but I'm confused about what. I always thought that woman looked like Urkel... it is a woman isn't it? Are there commercials with Urkel? Or are you just being funny? And Ho'Bunches? Now you're just making stuff up! Haha. But, I'm glad you're childhood hero is alive and well. I always thought it was sad when they had his alternate character... what was his name? Stef'an? He was cool and a model and of course won Laura's heart. I think I missed where he came from though? Anyway, I wanted Urkel to do all those things- just the way he was!

  3. My cereal expertise is clearly not...I had no idea he had a cereal! It is weird to see someone who was once so famous popping up in commericials when usually it is the other way around. Ahh well, the guy probably has royalties beyond belief.

  4. Wow the resemblence between that woman and Urkel is uncanny!! they must be related.