Sunday, September 10, 2006

Two Years and Still Sucking

Happy birthday to my blog. It was two years ago today that I first made my Weblogging appearance, and I’m proud to see that my page just keeps on sucking (though sometimes more than others—read that how you will). I remember announcing my one-year anniversary in 2005, and it’s hard to believe another year has already passed. And what a monumental year it has been! I’ve gone from being a single, childless, classics student in Salt Lake City, Utah to a happily married father and master’s student of philosophy in Atlanta, Georgia. My day-to-day life scarcely resembles what it did the last time I celebrated a blog birthday. For the most part, this is a wonderful thing. I’m inching ever so slightly toward the life I’ve always dreamed of and anticipated. I wouldn’t go back one year for a million dollars … I’m not sure how literally I mean that, but it’s fairly accurate.

Although I feel there’s much I could ramble on about, it would be inappropriate to commemorate the passing of another year by talking only about these last few weeks. But, rather than rehash the self-congratulatory and self-serving annual recap I provided last year, I thought I’d present an interactive (re: fun!) quiz to test your knowledge of the previous twelve months of Sucking on Oranges. This way we forgo the self-congratulations and stick purely to the self-serving. It’s as close to a win-win situation as we’re going to get.

Now I know my posting frequency has dwindled since I got married, and even more so since I’ve had a son and moved across the country. In turn I believe few people even look at my blog anymore, and if they do, they don’t do so very often. That means nobody should expect to do well on the quiz. But that’s beside the point. Taking it will both bring you up to speed on my life and, hopefully, cause a modest amount of amusement to swell within your breast (or, in certain cases, boob).

Without further ado, I now present the Sucking on Oranges Two-Year Anniversary Quiz o’ Spectacularity!


  1. I got 14 out of 18. It just goes to show that there are people who read, and enjoy reading, your blog. As long as you keep writing, I'll keep reading.

  2. 13 out of 18 myself, a passing grade in reading comprehension...It should have been better but I couldn't help vote for some things that I knew were wrong, but had sentimental value... aka Strawberry Shortcake...

  3. I got an F minus minus, but I think I should at least get an automatic D- for trying. I'm actually fairly proud of my 4 out of 18, because I actually knew the answerson the 4. The ones I just guessed on were all wrong. The problem is that I tried to make educated guesses. If I had guessed completely randomly, I should statistically have gotten a quarter of my quesses right.