Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Eddie or Not

With a matter of hours—days at best—remaining until my son is born, it seems I ought to expound upon this silent post from March. For those who don’t know, Melanie and I are on the verge of having our first child. His name is Edison. He is due Thursday, July 13th. He will be born much sooner. Or so we are fairly certain. Melanie has been having contractions for over a week and, at last check, was dilated just past a 3 and 80-90% effaced. Contractions get more intense, they get closer together, but then they gradually subside, keeping us just shy of what would be deemed “active labor.” The hospital doesn’t want to see you until you’re in active labor. And so we wait.

This morning Melanie was having quite regular, fairly strong contractions that made us think it could happen today. But, as always, they’ve mellowed a bit. (Then they return. Then they decrease.) Being teased like this gives us plenty of opportunity to ponder the idea of having a baby on the fourth of July. Though Melanie has become rather indifferent and just wishes Edison would be born, there are pros and cons to having a July 4th baby. On the pro side is the fact that I’m home from work. Melanie won’t have to call me and wait 20 minutes for me to get home, or end up relying on somebody else to get her to the hospital (which she wouldn’t do unless she really didn’t think she could wait). It’d also provide an extra day off of work. I had already planned on missing five days, so I could have a full week at home with Eddie as a newborn. If he comes on a holiday, that’s just a bonus. And, most importantly, he’ll be here sooner, which Melanie and I are very eager to have happen.

On the downside, Edison will forever be associated with Independence Day. People will act like he should be ultra-patriotic or have red, white, and blue birthday decorations every year. For gifts he’ll be given sparklers or t-shirts with the flag on it. He’ll always have to choose between celebrating his birthday with fireworks, or working his birthday plans around the fireworks, or just not seeing the fireworks at all. Either way, being born on a day that celebrates freedom will greatly diminish his own. That’s irony for you. And, in a prideful way, Melanie and I prefer he not be born on July 4th merely because everyone we know already thinks that’s when it will happen. I guess they find the notion cosmically profound. Or, as my cousin Aunt Grandma recently said, “We need another July 4th baby around here,” referring, of course, to my great-grandfather whom I never knew. Yeah, that makes sense.

So, if you don’t hear from me for a while, you’re probably safe betting that Edison has finally arrived. My life will completely have changed. But I promise to write at least a few more times before I head off to Atlanta on August 8th. We already have our plane tickets. It’s enough to give me contractions myself. My, how life will change over the next several weeks. Stay tuned…


  1. Early congratulations!!! It’s very exciting having your first. But my vote for holiday b-day or not goes to NOT. I was a Thanksgiving baby so my birthday always falls on or right around the day. This translates into few birthday parties (because everyone’s with their families), pie many a time instead of cake, and too much else going on to feel completely special yourself. However, the 4th is a bit different and no matter what day he’s born will be special to you two.

  2. Just keep us posted. We are all excited and just holding our breath. I think the 4th as a birthday of choice for your baby is mostly a matter of respect for the parents. I can visualize a new person...the baby...growing up to be a very intellectual and dignified man, like his father. We hold the very best of thoughts for him.

  3. Looking forward to your next post! Wishing you all the best!

  4. best wishes. Edison is a lovely, lovely, name.

  5. Did you know that there is a pool going on as to the date of the arrival?
    I said the 5th, wich is today, James i think said the 3rd and my wife is very confident that the 10th will be the day. I, like you, hope its soon i want to meet this fellow before he becomes as southern boy.YEE-HAW!!!!!

  6. I have been such a slacker in blog world that my sister had to tell me you had this little guy arriving any minute now. So congrats, hope Melanie and Edison are doing fine (if he has arrived!)and that you are ready for some busy days! Parenthood...what an awesome life to enter into. I bet he will enjoy readin all you have to write about him.