Friday, June 09, 2006

Not Again!

My new old job continues to hinder my presence in the blogosphere. For three weeks or so, I have not even looked at other people’s blogs, much less written something for my own. Computer problems and Melanie being off-track and always available have further directed my attention away from Blogger. But, as bad luck would have it, I’ve had to stay home from work today for yet another flooding on the home front and, thus, I have the time and motivation to gripe write.

This flood was the worst one ever (sad that I’d have to note this) in terms of magnitude, but it fortunately did not damage anything irreplaceable. The culprit is my upstairs neighbor, the one whose child runs back-and-forth at all hours of the day, causing Melanie and me to have a shameful death wish against the kid. Ever since this family moved in, the upstairs garbage disposal has turned our kitchen sink into a fountain of sorts. It’s never done anything very horrible until last night, however. Melanie and I came home and found our kitchen completely saturated. The water spread well through the hallway, into the bedroom (especially the closet), and also into the living room. The worst of it is the soggy carpet smell, which now, once again, permeates the air. Someone came over last night and vacuumed up an incredible amount of water, but nowhere near enough to prevent the stench. Carpet cleaners are supposed to be here sometime today, though I’m beginning to worry I’ll have to call and remind them this is supposed to be the case. They told me it would be around noon, and it’s now going on 1pm without any word from anyone. Anyway, the plumber who came by this morning told me the flood occurred because the people upstairs are using their garbage disposal as a trash can, putting all kinds of food down it and, subsequently, clogging the pipes. When they ran their dishwasher last night, the pipes had finally become impassable and the water ended up in the areas of my apartment that I’ve already mentioned. As I’ve also said before—no more bottom-floor apartments for me.

In better news, I’m feeling okay about my job although there’s always plenty of inconsistencies and lacking judgement on the part of both the customers and my superiors that can become quite agitating. It’s good to know it won’t last long. Over Memorial Day weekend, Melanie and I went on an awesome mini-vacation that I’ll have to write about, not that it involved anything or took place anywhere particularly noteworthy. And, of course, there’s the fact that I’m going to be a father very shortly, a fact with which I’ve teased my readers but have kept in the dark otherwise. I’m sure you’re all brimming with excitement to hear more about that—and you will. That should give me plenty to write about now that my schedule may be easing up just a tad. I know I’ve promised posts before and failed, but I truly believe I’ll at least drop a line or two more regularly now. With Melanie having gone back to teaching, I’ll have at least an hour or two everyday when I’m sitting home alone with nothing to do. If I’m not reading blogs, I’ll probably be writing one. Stay tuned, as always…


  1. That STINKS! So...did the carpet cleaner ever come? Good to see you on here. This is actually the first day I've looked at blogs for a while. My place of employment has been keeping me quite occupied with an over-abundance of vacancies to fill. It seems to me that maybe some of the same issues you deal with at your job are happening at my job, and causing me to have an unrelenting parade of openings on my desk each day when I clock in.

    Anywho...Good to see you, I am dying to hear more about this father thing you keep teasing us with!

  2. Well, thank goodness you’re back. I was seriously considering sending out a blogger search and rescue (not that I’m sure what that would consist of). Very sorry to hear of the extensive water and smell situation; apartment living sucks.

    In New Mexico when you have bad (and un-tidy) apartment neighbors you get cockroaches flooding your house – although, at least the cockroaches don’t smell bad. Now get over to your Key of Orange and tell us your opinion because frankly I’ve been curious way too long.

  3. It makes me sooooo mad!!!!!! I am so sorry you have to deal with such a mess.

  4. The first thing I had to do when I got home from my 10 day jaunt was plunge that d#*#m toilet!!!!! I'm just sure somebody somewhere put a jinx on me personally about that stuff. Hope that helps you feel better about your flood. Don't know what else to do. Life sucks sometimes.