Tuesday, November 16, 2004


  • Wallace (my car) has more-than-less been sold. Thank you, adoptive parents!
  • Melanie has strep throat. Yikes!
  • I actually got an A- on my last Greek exam! Hooray!
  • The new Domino's Pizza® product, the Doublemelt Pizza™, sucks. It tastes like a crappy version of those cheez-n-crackers snack packs. I actually like those, but it is not good for pizza. This really is that bad.
  • My latest mental fixation is the subject of free will. Hmmm.... Feel free (ha ha ha) to discuss it here, if you'd like.

Thank you, and please come again soon.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Listening to Pins Drop

I don't really have much to say, but it's been two weeks since my last post and I thought I should at least post something. Actually, I do have thoughts here and there that I think about sharing -- quotes from articles I'm reading and so on -- but I just don't take the time to post them. Blogging just isn't my priority right now, as I think most people are aware.

I know it's getting really old to hear me say this, but man am I glad I'm not working. I don't feel any less busy, so I can't imagine trying to fit a job into my schedule. School is still kicking my butt. I go back and forth between feeling decent and feeling like a complete failure just waiting to be discovered. Mostly it's the Greek crap. "Discouragement" is not an exaggerated word -- the courage to face Greek has seriously been wiped right out of me. I never take it too seriously, but I've wondered if I should even bother continuing with it. I feel so out of whack usually. But I'm sick of listening to myself say this, so I'll shutup now.

Okay, just to lighten the mood, I will point out that as of next Tuesday (Nov. 16th), the Amazing Race is back on TV! Yeah, yeah, nobody in my family gives much of a crap about reality TV, but this is a really fun one. And in case anyone cares, this season features a team of sisters from Pleasant Grove. Not that that makes it worth watching, but still. It's a fast-paced show with lots of action. It is not like Survivor, which seems more-or-less identical from season to season and episode to episode. (Or at least it was the last time I watched it, which has been a while). I urge you all to give it a try.