Friday, April 24, 2015

Beegy the Soccer Star

Following in his older brothers’ footsteps, Creegan has chosen soccer for his inauguration into team sports. Last night was his first official game, and he didn’t do too shabby considering his team doesn’t yet have an official coach and there has only been one practice session that was more of a free-for-all than anything. The only guidance we gave him is, “Don’t touch the ball with your hands! Just kick it!” This proved sufficient enough for Beegy to get several good kicks in during the game. I was a bit worried because Beegy has been copping an attitude lately, and when he first started to play, he seemed more interested in showing his disdain for humankind than trying to knock a ball into a net. But once he got a taste of kicking the ball around, he was way into it and smiling almost the entire time. As you’ll see in one of the below photos, he would give us a thumbs up after almost every single play. The bad news is, he played only during the third quarter. He sat out during the first quarter, was missing in action (well, in the bathroom) when they started the second quarter, and then overlooked for the fourth quarter. Not that he seemed to care, snacking on goldfish crackers and all.

Here are some photos from last night’s game. I’m throwing in one of Peter and one of Eddie because, you know, they were there and lookin’ cute too. So was I, but I was the one taking the pictures so … yeah, too bad for you.

Creegan got to do the kick-off (or whatever it's called) for the third quarter. 

The end!

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  1. Some of those kids look pretty serious- with shin gaurds and all. He is way cute... they all are. Just like their daddy. So fun to see.