Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Potpourri No. 32

I’m alive!

Suddenly Last Summer
Tomorrow I will give the final lecture of what is hopefully my last summer of teaching at Florida State. If all goes well, I’ll be living somewhere else this time next year. Or just about this time, anyway. Melanie and I recently renewed our apartment lease through June 2013. Not long ago, I was given official notice that I’ll be funded (at half of my current rate) to stick around school through the fall in the hopes that I can finish up by December. If I don’t, I’ll probably get the same half-rate deal for spring 2013. Probably. It’s not guaranteed, but I’m not too concerned about it. Worst case scenario, I can probably leave Tallahassee in January and finish my Ph.D. from afar. That kind of thing happens. It’s bizarre to be talking about this stuff and know both that it’s for real and that it’s so close to becoming a reality. I don’t know whether to shout for joy or just puke.

A while back, I wrote about Melanie and me keeping (and reviving) our Toyota Corolla, making us officially a two-car family. This has turned out to be a tremendously good decision on our part. With me heading to campus fairly early every weekday for the last six weeks, it’s been incredibly convenient to have my own mode of transportation. The bus wouldn’t work too well that early in the morning (or at any other time, but some hours are worse than others) and it would be a disaster if Melanie and I had to get three kids out of the house every morning so she could drive me to school. I predicted that this is how I’d feel about having two vehicles, but in hindsight I’m even more grateful for our decision to keep the second car. It’s been blissful.

Fresh from the Garten
Edison graduated kindergarten a couple of weeks ago. Man, am I proud of him. And of Melanie, who of course took on a whole slew of responsibility in order to help Edison succeed. Truthfully, I’m also incredibly proud of Peter. He’s been quite the student himself, albeit unofficially so. Barely four years old, he can read a fair amount, sounds out words all the time, and has surprisingly good penmanship. What a bunch of smartypants my kids are! I love it!

Just Passin’ Through
My blog is fairly dead nowadays. It has been for a long time. I post on my blog much more often than people actually read my blog, and that’s pathetic because I don’t post very often at all. However, there is one post I wrote way back in April 2010 that continues to attract visitors. It’s a post about whether or not God created water, and it seems that due to its theological subject matter, people continually happen upon it via Google and whatnot. I still get comments on it on a somewhat regular basis. It has 14 comments now, which admittedly isn’t a ton, but it makes it one of my most commented-on posts of all time (with “all time” being almost eight years now.)

To Be Continued…
There are many more things I’ve wanted to blog about lately, but I just haven’t had the time. I promise I’ll try to post a bit more frequently now that the summer semester is wrapping up. Technically, I’ve got enough to be doing that I shouldn’t have any extra time to post to my blog. But I’ll try to squeeze in several posts, even if they’re small, over the next few weeks.

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  1. Love this post and seeing you back on blogger for a few days :) Eddie looks great! And I think it is so amazing that Melanie was able to accomplish this with him.
    It's hard to believe you are thinking of leaving Tallahassee. I remember thinking how long it was going to be, that that's where Eddie would start school, and wondering if we'd see you again for a long time. Now it's almost done!?
    You are awesome! Love you guys tons!