Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Newest Member of the Family

Well, it’s happened. A new bundle of joy has arrived and we’re all very thrilled. Eddie and Peter are especially excited and can’t stop talking about the new arrival. Melanie and I are very excited too, though understandably a bit nervous and overwhelmed. This is a very big deal, and you always wonder if something will go wrong right away and turn your giddiness into distress and grief. We’ve got our fingers crossed, of course. We’re sincerely hoping this will be our favorite one yet. Looks-wise, there is a bit left to be desired, but if that were something we were going to be picky about, we could have just left the thing in the parking lot and went home, am I right?

So, anyway, here are a couple of pictures:

I was going to make a joke based on that second photo and say that we had bought Edison his first car. That would have been funny, but I decided to play it straight and do a serious post instead.

So, if you’re wondering, this is a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan. We heard from a few different people, including a car mechanic that we know outside of his work as a mechanic, and they all recommended Caravans when it came to owning a van. With Creegan on his way (probably within three or four weeks!), we simply didn’t have room for three car seats in our car. Buying the Caravan has wiped out a decent chunk of my student loan money for the year, but it needed to be done. If we get three or four years out of it, I think we’ll be pretty happy. It wasn’t that expensive, all things considered. Probably our cheapest vehicle ever. The first photo above is the good side. The other side has a noticeable dent, but nothing that gets in the way of anything other than looking stylish.

So there you go. Cool, eh?


  1. Mom says it looks gorgeous to her. Dad was also very excited for you, as am I.

    By the way, I think that was a good decision, playing it straight and all. ;)

  2. It was a charming way to introduce your new family member. I'm very happy for you.

  3. p s.....You had us going for a few minutes.