Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sick? Check. Tired? Check.

I keep running out of time and/or energy to blog, even though I’ve had post ideas over the last several weeks. I’ve even jotted down a few ideas, figuring that it would help me come back and write something without starting from scratch. But, alas, ‘tis all to no avail. But enough with the quasi-apologies. I’ll say this much: I am, once again, sick. Or at least sort of sick. Having kids, it seems like someone is always sick, but these past two months have been particularly horrible. I was quite fortunately spared from feeling horrible on Thanksgiving. My throat was sore, but not even so sore that you’d bother complaining about it. It had been similarly sore for a few days prior to Thanksgiving. But now the soreness has dissipated from the inside of my throat and relocated itself to the outside of my throat, though still on the inside of my neck. I’ve never experienced this, but maybe someone will know what I’m talking about. It doesn’t hurt when I swallow, though my throat feels a little bit scratchy. But if I touch my neck, or even turn my head, it feels really tender on the inside of my neck, all around my throat. My throat is definitely swollen on the sides, but for whatever reason, it’s not affecting my swallowing. Which I guess is something to be thankful for, which I am.

Other than that, the kids have recently battled recurrent fevers that don’t really affect them any other way. For a couple of weeks, Eddie kept getting temporary fevers, but he’d act totally happy and fine. Melanie took him to the doctor and was told not to worry unless he starts seeming like it’s bothering him. I think the fevers have finally subsided as far as the children are concerned, but now I keep getting slight fevers. And, oddly, they only seem to creep up in the late afternoon. I have one now, I’m willing to wager; I feel achy and lethargic, and there’s undue pressure in my head. Miraculously, the fevers skipped me on Thanksgiving and yesterday, when I was driving my family home in the late afternoon. But today, it’s returned. It’s getting quite tiring to have someone always feeling crappy. For the moment, I’m happy to have it be me rather than the kids—although Peter is coughing quite a bit today, and traveling has worn them out, so they’re both extra cranky—but I’m about to have my final week of school, and it won’t be too easy to write final papers through a haze of illness. As my character once said in a (home) movie adaptation of Beowulf in which I stared during my senior year of high school: “Let go of me, you fiend!” Except I’m saying that to illness. In my head, I mean.

Enough whining? Sure, why not. For happier things in the world, turn your attention to the following video, which features The Muppets’ somewhat liberal cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It might make you smile.

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  1. Ben, can you see a doctor about your throat. It sounds like maybe you have swollen glands in your throat, which means infection somewhere.
    Dad was sick a lot like that off and on for over a week. We'd get the chills and then feel fine but then be very lethargic and get the chills again. Oh well. No coughing is good. Take care. Tell the dang germs to get out of your system and out of your house. You do this in your mind..thinking it. and I'm convinced it helps.