Saturday, November 07, 2009

Big Laughs, Courtesy of Eddie

Just moments ago, the family and I were gathered around the dining table enjoying some chocolate chip cookies that Melanie and Edison had made. Peter was requesting another, and I said something about him already having a chunk of cookie in his milk. The following interchange then occurred:

Eddie: What’s a chunk?
Me: It’s a big piece of something.
Eddie: Oh! Kind of like you’re big, so you’re a chunk!
Me: Right.

Funny enough, just yesterday, as we were driving home from the mall after getting a family portrait taken, the following occurred. Melanie was singing “The Joker” by Steve Miller Band. She sang the line, “Some people call me a space cowboy.” Eddie, who’s a fan of changing words in songs as a matter of being funny, then sang, “Some people call me a fat cowboy!”

It’s even funnier because Eddie’s not choosing the word “fat” to be especially silly. He’ll throw in any word and consider it a good joke. He’s not thinking at all about what the new words mean (or don’t mean) or how they change the meaning of the lyrics overall—it’s just funny to change the words. He went on to sing things like, “Some people call me a truck cowboy” and even less sensible things, and he laughed just as hard at himself. But “fat” was too perfect a place to start. I was rolling … you know, because round chunks roll.

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  1. hmmm....he has inherited his father's sense of humor I see. I'm not's a strong gene in this family.