Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Doritos® Introduces New "Stale Old Tacos"™ Flavor

On a recent trip to Circle K, I noticed an unfamiliarly dark bag of Doritos® sitting on the display shelf. Being a modest fan of most Doritos® brand flavors, I was curious what new concoction Doritos® had come up with and was now unveiling on the public by way of an enigmatic black cellophane bag. As I drew closer, I received my answer: Tacos at Midnight. While I found the name to be rather off-putting, morbid curiosity got the best of me and I ended up buying a bag. The verdict? They definitely taste like tacos—or, to be more specific, they taste like Taco Bell mild sauce. Which I guess sheds light on the new flavor’s moniker—Taco Bell prides itself on serving tacos as late as 1 a.m., so Taco Bell inspired chips (though Taco Bell receives no credit from Doritos®) would do well to capture that after hours flavor as closely as possible. I guess I’m just surprised that there’s something so distinct about the tacos you’ll get from Taco Bell at midnight that makes Doritos® want to hone in on that particular hour. Why not 3 p.m. tacos? I can only assume that the tacos you get at midnight have been sitting around under a heat lamp for two or three hours, which somehow allows for the flavors to blend to their maximum potential. And this is a flavor Doritos® wants you to know, to expect, and to crave when you see the words “Tacos at Midnight” sprawled across the Doritos® bag. Tempting indeed!

For the record, Doritos® has also unveiled another “Late Night” variety: Last Call Jalapeño Popper. I tried this flavor a couple of days after discovering Tacos at Midnight and was much more impressed. While Tacos at Midnight weren’t bad, Last Call Jalapeño Popper has garnered my sincere recommendation. I would happily eat them again. Well, not the exact same ones, but you know what I mean.


  1. So funny. There was a bag of the jalepeno ones on the counter at our house yesterday. I didn't dare try them- perhaps when I'm not pregnant.
    I suppose the midnight, instead of 3 a.m. reference just sounds more romantical. Aren't Doritos romantic and magical?

  2. Are they????? Romantic and Magical??? Hmmmmm........
    I am imagining stale tacos that eating at 3:00 A M is a time when you don't really care what they taste like. Just the suggestion of taste is enough at that time of day. Why else is the t v. show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE funny??? It would be really lame in an earlier, daytime slot.
    These sound like the same thing. It sounds lazy to me, just plain Lazy!!!! Too lazy to make good ones, I say!!!! Lazy!!!!..........