Friday, July 11, 2008

Thesis Peanut Butter Cups

Forgive the nonsensical pun that is the title of this post. It doesn’t mean anything, and I can’t even pretend it means anything, but it’s what came to my head as I set out to write this. As you may be able to guess, I am writing about my thesis. Hence, “Thesis Peanut Butter Cups.” There is absolutely no connection. I haven’t even had a peanut butter cup since I began writing my thesis.

You are being treated to some random jabber, stream-of-consciousness “la la la la la la”-ness because this post is being written by a man whose brain is fried. Which reminds me of a song McGruff the crime dog used to sing to my fourth-grade class back when I was the privileged kid in the class who was allowed to move McGruff’s mouth. (He was a puppet.) I don’t feel like writing out the lyrics to that song though. It was about cocaine frying your brain, as you could have guessed. (Eggs!)

So, I just sent off a complete draft of my thesis. Complete as in it has a beginning, middle, and abrupt end. Not complete as in “not much room for improvement.” It will need a substantial overhaul, I’m sure, but I had to send in a completed draft by tonight in order to have any chance of getting my M.A. degree completed before I move to Tallahassee. Two weeks from now I have to have an even completer version of the thesis sent out to my entire thesis committee, who shall then proceed to intellectually defecate thereupon, and then about a week later, I’ll have to defend my thesis, hoping the big gaping hole I realized my thesis had as I finished writing the last few pages will not occur to them. (Not really, but kind of really sometimes sort of.)

Guess how long my (!) thesis is? 49 pages! OK, not a novel, but easily the longest thing I’ve ever written. Uberfun.

Can you totally tell that this is the most random stream-of-consciousness post I’ve ever written? I can. I’m hardly even allowing myself to stop typing. I just keep going, like my high school creative writing class when we had to write without stopping and see what kind of geniusistic gems would pop out of our minds. Jeepers, non-stop writing sure isn’t making me look creative today is it? What a waste that class was! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Posted without re-reading or editing. Yikes! LOLOLOLOLOL!


  1. Ben...are you alright?? Obviously, not very. Keep breathing. Lie down for awhile. You shouldn't let your mother see you like this.