Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Postcards from the Edj

By now, our holiday trip to Utah is over and done. I am back in school, and all too easily it is beginning to feel like I never had a break in the first place. Luckily, I’ve got some photographic mementos to prove that Edison, Melanie, and I did enjoy a full two weeks with our native families. Given that Edison is arguably the cutest of us all, I will now present to you a collection of pics from Eddie’s first interactive dealings with the winter wonderland (at least compared to Georgia) that is Utah.

Easily one of Melanie and my favorite pics from the trip. (Melanie included it on her latest post as well.) This picture of Edison happily sinking up to his waist in snow is now the wallpaper on our computer desktop. Feel free to do the same with it. It works great!

Not a winter scene per se, but Eddie did make great use out of both of his grandmother’s pianos. I don’t know if my readers will be able to tell, but Eddie plays rather intensely. He scrunches up his face in a huge smile and slams the keys hard and fast. You can kind of see that in this picture.

Edison greatly enjoyed helping create a gingerbread house. He also enjoyed eating as much of the decorative frosting as he could, as evidenced by the white specks adorning his face and shirt.

To earn our keep at Melanie’s parents’ house, we had to make Eddie do most of the snow shoveling. Unfortunately, it snowed enough to make this a difficult task. In this picture, Eddie lifts up his ever-drooping hat to see how much work is left to be done—sadly, it’s a lot.

Another of Melanie and my favorites (and another one that Melanie also has on her blog). Though he had already experienced light snowfalls by this point in the trip, this was the first time Eddie was outside while it was snowing hard enough that you couldn’t ignore it. He loved it.

Edison is still young enough that he didn’t really differentiate between his Christmas gifts and everybody else’s. Fortunately, he’s also young enough that he isn’t greedy about anything. Here on Christmas Day, Eddie enjoys one of his cousin’s gifts, a perfect combination of two of Edison’s favorite things—chairs and balls.

Because I’m still in a walking boot, I’m technically not supposed to drive. That means that, whenever Melanie wasn’t available, I had to make Edison drive me to my various destinations. This was especially scary, not only because of the harsh, snowy conditions, but because Edison is too short to check the side-view mirrors without completely letting go of the steering wheel. Freaky!

Okay, I already posted a piano picture. But this one is equally cute, and it seems like a good finale. So there.


  1. I just about cry sitting here at work looking at your adorable son and reading your hilarious comments (you were joking about him driving right?) I adore you Benny and it was so great seeing you all. Your's and Mel's conversation will inspire me for months I hope. And I was so glad Eddie was willing to give me five.

  2. Pretty darn cute, and Eddie's not so bad either.

  3. Edison is getting so big (this is momentaryacademic, by the way)!

    When does he start piano lessons? :)

    I've never been to Utah. It looks like a snowy wonderland!

  4. I love the pictures and your comments. thanks so much for sharing. We all really miss you, but the snow has been moreso than ever this week. I love it....don't tell papabear.