Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Am I Overfeeding My Baby?

It's been a while since I've written about Li'l Eddie K. My boy continues to grow, and is currently going through the button-discovery stage. This means that, if I'm not careful, I could be in the middle of writing a post and have my computer restarted. Or, I could be in the middle of Take Home Chef and have the surge protector that powers the TV suddenly turned off. I guess there's some validity to the whole "childproofing your house" theory after all.

In other news, Edison has long been eating solid foods now. On the plus side, it's cute to see him diggin' on a variety of foods. On the downside, he's often enraged at his parents' audacity to deny him the yummy culinary concoctions that line their dinner plates. It doesn't matter if he's given some of the exact some food items, it only matters that it's not the food specifically from Mom and Dad's plates. And this is where I fear we may be indulging our Edison a bit too much. The last time I posted a picture or video of my sweet little boy, he looked something like this:

A slender young Edison traverses the living room floor in February 2007

Now that he's a full-on solid-food connoisseur, he's looking a bit more like this:

The same child, just three-and-a-half months later

Should I be concerned???


  1. Whoa! Time to put that kid on a treadmill, just start it out slow and he should be able to keep up....Nice picture work by the way ;)

  2. Oh my gosh! That's a horrible thing to do to your baby! Stop now!

    This isn't fair. I'm at work laughing out loud to myself and people are looking at me funny...

  3. Ahhh, your little guy is so cute. Well before you went and fed him a whole cow. When Cedar was a baby he was way more adventurous with food. He'd eat miso soup and pickles he loved lemons, olives, onions...weird stuff for kids to like. But now he's so dull just veggies, crackers, and soy hot dogs -- he won't even eat mac N cheese, PB&Js, or cereal (standard kid fare). Enjoy your boy wanting all that food before he goes and gets picky.

  4. I say you should let him refine his pallate and maybe he'll stay true to real, good food instead of the overprocessed crap the u.s. in general eats.
    That said, you guys and picture effects. Mustaches, fish'll really be able to embarass your kids once they start dating. ;)