Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ed the Thespian

Eddie has never made me laugh as hard as he did just a few weeks ago. One night, Melanie was playing with Eddie by alternating between making a sad face and making a happy face. Little did we know that Edison would immediately catch on and start playing the game himself. In fact, Eddie was so darn good at the game that, at several different times, Mel and I sincerely believed he had become sad and was no longer playing around. He'd hold his sad, pouty face for such a long time, that I'd start thinking, "Uh oh, the game's gone too far. He's starting to get freaked out and is going to burst into tears!" But nope, he's just a really good actor! The second I thought he couldn't possibly be playing around anymore, he'd break into another huge smile.

We grabbed our camera and tried to film this little game. Unfortunately, Edison never held a pouty face as long as he did several times before we grabbed the camera. Such is the parental life, I've realized. Anyway, below you will find the best video we were able to capture. It's still pretty good. At times, li'l Eddie will even do a faux lip-quiver. Watch closely and you'll see. What a guy!

(Melanie is also enamored of this video and has pasted it on her site. In fact, she posted it first. Gotta give her her due props!)


  1. That is just crazy cute! I can't believe how smart he is! That is so funny...

  2. that is the cutest baby ever!!! We watched it before we read the blog and Khrys thought his lip was quivering, so he really is a good actor. Adorable!

  3. He's adorable! Put him in commercials. I'll buy what he's selling! :)

  4. You have to enter this in some kind of's amazing. He is so clearly engaged, entertained, and knows exactly what he is doing. What a cute little cherub!