Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Test Tube Baby

I’m testing out YouTube, uploading homemade movies to see about putting them on my blog. This is the first video I’ve ever uploaded, and the quality isn’t fantastic. That, of course, is not YouTube’s fault, but simply the quality of video that comes out of our digital camera. A big downside to our digital camera is that, even though it can record video as well as take pictures, it does not record any sound. It’s the only digital camera I know of that can record video but cannot record sound. That’s what you get for shopping clearance, I s’pose.

Anyway, this video was taken on January 12, 2007. It’s Li’l Eddie’s first trip to the park. He didn’t get all that excited about anything. He’s still a bit young to care. But it was fun for us, and we got some cute photos out of it (and this one video). Now that I’ve got the YouTube thing down, there is a whole slew of possibilities opening up to my blog. I can take you on tours of my school, on tours of my apartment, on tours of my neighborhood … it’s too bad I’ll probably never get around to actually doing it! But enough about me, check out my first homemade vid of my first homemade kid! And just so you know, it may run kind of choppy the first time you watch it. Don’t worry, it’ll run smoothly for the hundreds of times you watch it thereafter…


  1. This is Mom...Well, you got Melanie to smile! Wonderful pictures. The park is alittle bit overrated, I think. By the time your child is old enough to be reasonably independant, you are sick and tired of going there. I remember being so glad Khrystine was too young to go yet...yeehaw, another year before we need to do that !!!!!

  2. I like going to the park. I didn't like it when I was little and it was SUPER crowded, but I think it's a great place to be! What fun.
    As for the sound- that's better for me, being at work and all!

  3. Your little one is too cute. Plus I'm way impressed that your keeping up the blogs in spite of school and the baby. WOW. Better than me -- and I may have less on my plate.

  4. Eddie is so sweet! Nice video clip. (By the way, we must have the same camera. I don't have sound either.)

  5. Man, get that kid an agent, I think that he could star in some feature family films...He is cute!

  6. Very, very nice! How cool is that?

    Eddison is sooooo cute!

    Miss you guys